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Burning Seed Festival 2010

Burning Man Australia – The Mans Last Stand

About a month ago I was fortunate to receive a last minute invitation to attend the inaugural Australian Burning Man Festival. This was a ‘seed’ event, the aim of which was to plant a seed of interest and generate community participation, with a view to moving the festival out to the Australian Desert in time. Appropriately enough called Burning Seed, around four-hundred people gathered for the event, held on a beautifully cared for Multiple Occupancy property in Bellingen, Northern New South Wales.  Australia’s little Burning Man (affectionately dubbed the Oz Burn) followed the Ten Principles or ‘Fundamentals’ of the original Burning Man festival, which began as a smallish beachside party in California in 1986. Read More



In Club Yggdrasil

Jerrod – Fire-Twirler Taxidermist

Asher and Friend go for a roll

the head's fiery decay

Stevie Man

silver fire-dragon

yoga tree

The Man

More Burning

Walk to your Centre

Man Eyes

me and an angel